Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 years ago, the Adventurers Club closed.

Wow, 5 years!

The annual gathering on the steps on the anniversary of the closing had a pretty good turnout this year:

Image source: Save Pleasure Island

The most current plan which seems to be moving forward is to turn Pleasure Island into The Landing as part of Disney Springs. Concept art shows the club building still in place (although that doesn't mean a whole lot). There is speculation that the building can't be demolished as easily as some of the other old Pleasure Island structures because, in part, it connects to the underground utility/office space (think utilidor) 'under' the island.

In any event, Congaloosh Society is still going (strong?), they and some key fans are the driving force behind the yearly reunion (which I have never made it to). Even though Disney no longer lets them book a costumed version of the cast, the society manages to put together some unique events during their yearly convention. You can visit their facebook page or their website.

(Rant: I have never liked the Congaloosh website, which is why I have included the facebook page link as well. They change the websites purpose and layout more than they should. It is inconsistent and you can't really go back to it expecting to find something there that you found previously, especially not info relating to previous events. Keep it consistent people!)

Here are some photos from this years events and from years past:

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