Friday, December 9, 2011

Adventurers Club Show At Castmember Event!

You heard right! Despite the fact that there was no sanctioned Adventurers Club performance at Congaloosh 2011, there has just transpired a performance for a different sort of audience (castmembers celebrating milestones). Either last night or perhaps the night before there was a special event at the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular attraction in Disney's Hollywood Studios. All of the major characters were there including our beloved club gleemeister and head of security Colonel Critchlow Sutchbench! There are lots of photos on the Save The Adventurers Club Facebook Group as well as some on the save the Adventurers Club thread. As you all know by now, Adventures Club fans do not give up hope easily, but in my opinion this is almost more than we could have hoped for, even if it was a closed event for castmembers. A lot of thought, preparation and hard work must have gone into the event and that could only mean good things for the club. There is also big buzz about some kind of announcement coming around New Years Eve, but I don't know enough about that to speculate.

Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you, but always dress for the hunt! Kungaloosh!

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