Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is in my Adventurers Corner?

Some friends who know I am a fan of the club and know I have my own little Adventurers Corner asked me what it in my corner. The photo above is a sample. My artifacts come from a variety of sources. Some are from genuine adventures. Some are store bought or found items, or just things that fit the general theme.

In this photo, starting on the right (in a general top to bottom direction):

- A brass compass rose from Triangle Sea Sales in Greenport, NY
- A recycled frame holding the club theme song
- A recycled from with a photo by Lartigue

On the white shelf:

- Genuine peacock feathers given to me by a childhood friend from India (and a reference to the club's own Scooter the peacock)
- A toy zebra (a reference to the real club's Zebra Mezzanine)
- Portrait of Teddy Roosevelt (the same one hung in the club)
- an 8mm film canister
- leather binocular case
- a little wooden chest

On the brown shelf:

- A thumb, up
- "Books"
- Anubis chess pieces
- Diving helmet (a reference to the club)
- Mini sombrero (from a real Mexican adventure)
- Rooster clock
- Polaroid Land camera
- Model racing boat
- Academic honor cord (hanging below)
- Marlin flag (hanging below, a reference to club character Otis T. Wren)
- Mask (a reference to the club's mask room)

On right:
- Creepy tiger on a shelf
- Photo of boats (my own art)
- Tourist pistol from North Africa

Not pictured:
- Fertility idol-looking thing
- More masks
- Magnifying glasses with bone handles
- Miscellaneous hodgepodge of furniture
- A wooden mallard (a reference to the duck phone)

Desperately wanted: a small (14 inches or less) replica of the Artemision Bronze!

The items come from a variety of sources, and donations are always gladly accepted ;)

Update: I forgot hats! I have a British-style khaki pith helmet and a large handmade felt fedora (more like something you'd see in Crown Heights, Brooklyn than on Indiana Jones). I do enjoy hats and on my wishlist are: a fez (tarboosh), a straw boater, a glengarry (like that of Otis), aviators hat, garrison cap, campaign hat, etc. and MORE pith helmets (you can't have too many, after all there are a wide variety of styles).

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Blogger Rob't said...

What a nice idea. We have collected all kinds of odds and ends over the years, with a view to sometime or other hosting an Adventurers Club party, but never thought to display them like that (although a few items do turn up in our Egyptian-themed guest bathroom). Robert

November 12, 2011 at 6:15 AM  

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