Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adventurers Club Merch, Available from Disney!

As gone as the club seems and with its demolition imminent, it may surprise you (or not) to know there are currently four pieces of Adventurers Club swag currently being sold by Disney. Pictured above is the 3D Vinylmation Colonel pin. That's pretty much the only one you can buy stright up (from the Mouse). The other three are the actual Vinylmation Colonel (part of the Park #4 Series, it is the "Chaser", aka the mystery figure that is not seen in the illustration of the series on the box), and the other two are Hidden Mickey pins you can only get by trading with cast members. There is an Adventurers Club logo pin and a different Colonel Pin, part of the DeeBee series known as Kungalooshee.

Of course, there's also eBay! As a matter of fact if you don't have any Adventurers Club souvenirs, the two hidden mickey pins can be had for very little money at auction. By comparison, the Colonel Vinylmation seems to be going from 3 to 4 times the retail value (assuming you get lucky enough to buy one, you can't see what's in the Vinylmation boxes beforehand). Then there is other stuff like the pins handed out for participating in the shows at the club. Now and then actual props or costume pieces come up for sale on the auction site.

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