Monday, October 5, 2009

Contributors to the Advenuturers Club

This list is incomplete, leave comments to help me out...

Joe Rohde - Imagineer, designer, artifact contributor
Roger Cox - Head Writer, Show Producer and Show Director
(Rohde and Cox are generally considered the patron saint imagineers of the AC)
Tom Sherohman
Chris Oyen - Show writer, director
Mel Green - Writer ?
Rock Hall (Technifex) - special effects
Monty Lunde (Technifex) - special effects
Lynn Hart - writer
Craig McNair Wilson -
Chris Carradine - Architect
Susan Cowan - WDI production designer
Blaise Gauba - Sculptor

Bruce Bowes - Sound Designer
Mike Isom ("Dave the Sound Man") - Tech
Greg Fletcher (stage manager)

Actors/Actresses (many also contributed writing and helped create their roles):
Tim Goodwin - Invented the word Kungaloosh
Kristian Truelsen
Karl Anthony
Angela Napoleon
Sheila Smith Ward
Jay Becker
Eric Pinder
Allison DeCaro
Glen Gover
Simon Needham
Joe Reed
Steve Watson - Fingers Zambezi
Karel Wright
Andrea Canny
Joy Anderson
Jennifer Brassard
Terry Mike Acord
Phil Card
Donna Charles
Andy Clark
Phran Gauci
Phil Johnson
Mike Leopard
Kerry Long
Frank O’Brian
Paula Pell
Mary Schickling
Darin DePaul
Jennifer Goodwin
Art Dohany
Doug Mackey
Ken Thiboult
Sue Peahl
Cullen Douglas
Bob Dutton
Jim Howard
Mike Speller
Leslie Carrara
Anne Hering
Graham Murphy
Eugene Rubenzer
Christa Ruvolo
Donn Lamkin
Susan Waldrip
Greg Triggs
T. Robby Pigott
Meghan Moroney

Kirk McDaniel - Not sure what his role was, traffic controller?

The Adventurers Club, 5189 Hill St., Lake Buena Vista, FL. 32830


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Blogger Rus Wornom said...

Add Mike Speller to the list. He was there prior to the beginning until 1993.

January 4, 2010 at 8:16 AM  

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